Asian Carp Bowfishing Guide Charter Peoria, IL


 I am an aerial bowfishing guide located on the Illinois river near Peoria, IL. Depending on the conditions, I also do traditional bowfishing as well. This year I will be running out of Lacon Marina, at 102 Marina Drive, Lacon, IL 61540. It's about 25 miles north of Peoria. Over the past five years I've been running out of Peoria marinas. For some reason the bowfishing has slowed down in that area, so I started taking my clients to Lacon where the bowfishing has been a lot better. Its also a lot more scenic, less boat traffic, a lot more wildlife and lots of bald eagles. There are plenty of accommodations close by; camping, hotels and food. There's even a burger joint right on the marina.
Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about logistics and I'll steer you in the right direction. 

I will still operate out of Peoria upon special request. There are still plenty of fish to shoot in that location but as a guide, it's my goal to give my clients the best experience possible, and like I said, Lacon's been better. Peoria is also close to good food, lodging, and a Bass Pro Shops. 

   I grew up hunting and fishing and from my experience, I can assure you that a trip with me is one you will never forget. The easiest way to explain this sport is by combining your best hunting and fishing experience and then throwing in a bunch of steroids. The hardest decision you will ever face is which fish to shoot at first!

The Boat

Asian carp jump because of vibration and water turbulance.  This is why aluminum boats with two stroke motors work the best. With that said, my mainline boat is an all aluminum pontoon boat that has been overhauled and customized specifically for this sport. This boat gets the asian carp popping like popcorn.  I also use an all aluminium deck boat as a back up as well as my traditional bowfishing boat. I modified my boat to allow five people to shoot at the same time. The rest may comfortably hang out on padded bench seats, enjoying refreshments, blasting their choice of music over the sound system  and watching their buddies slay carp. It truly does not get any better than that! Even if bowfishing isn't your thing, or you have kids that want to join in the fun, I also have nets they can use to catch the fish as they jump. 

I use compound bows with AMS retrievers. They are set up to snap shoot as well as hold back and wait for the perfect shot.  I have both adult and child rigs set up for right and left handers.  I also added a crossbow designed just for bowfishing and a spear I call Poseidon.     


As a certified EMT there is nothing more important to me than personal safety. A trip with the Carp Hunters is an extreme experience, and some of these foreign invaders can grow to be over 40 pounds and jump up to 10 feet in the air. This is why I designed a custom net system that wraps around the boat to keep everyone safe and slime free.  We also have safety straps for the shooters to ensure that during the excitement of the hunt no one can fall out.

Thanks for checking me out! See "Book A Trip" for details.