Peoria Carp


Peoria Carp


Warning! Side Effects Include...

Aching arms from excessive shooting and sore abs from nonstop laughter.

You can call me Captain Nate

I am a US Coast Guard certified captain. I've been operating for 7 years and run a crazy fun aerial bowfishing charter on the Illinois river near Peoria, Illinois.  When the river floods I offer traditional bowfishing.  Besides bowfishing, I also offer river tours for those who just want to go out, have a fun day in the sun, and see the jumping Asian Carp up close and personal. Contact me today to schedule your trip.

Boat updates

 I  added a third toon to Carpocalypse turning her into a tri-toon.  It makes for a much smother ride and stable platform.

Over the winter I will be looking to update my boat to shoot 5 and possibly 6 people at the same time.  Right now it shoots 4.  I can still only take 6 clients out at one time via USCG rules.  


"A day of  'fishing' with Capt. Nate is tough to describe. He tries his best to inform you of what's in store, but NOTHING he says can prepare you for the amount of shooting, excitement, fun, and laughter involved in a day on the water with him. He knows exactly what to do to get the fish to jump, and knows where to find them. There is rarely a dull moment on this boat, and his training as a captain ensures that you will have a safe day." - Angelo from NY

Asian Carp Storm

I told him I would give him every opportunity to stab one with my trident Poseidon.  I feel as though I held up my end of the bargain.  In his defense, I think he was laughing too hard and lost focus. 

A few of the places we have been featured

Animal Planet's Off The Hook

One of my favorite TV shows I have worked with.  We captured some magical moments. 

I got to take out the guys from ammoland.  We got to do a little traditional and aerial bow fishing

Made the front page of Chicago Tribune

One of the best Asian Carp documentaries out there.  It was a pleasure working with these guys.  Check it out

Been featured on The Blaze twice.  Had a blast taking out their editor Jonathon Seidl.  Check out his Experience

Thanks Alyssa Paldo for the the great story. 

Local Firefighter Finding Success with Bow-Fishing Business