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I charge $150 an hour for the whole group per trip, (Not $150 per person)  USCG rules regulate me to six people out at one time. Not including me.  Out of the six, four people can shoot at one time.  

 I offer a two hour minimum but do not recommend it. Time flies (literally!) when you're hunting these fish.  Most groups book four to six hour trips. However, I've had groups go longer. 

For groups larger than six, there are plenty of parks and restaurants along the river that are perfect to rotate groups from.

Please email me:

1) Your preferred dates- even if it's just narrowed down to which month you need.

2) Would you prefer a weekend or week day?

3) How many hours you want to go for and a preferred start time.  

I'll reply with my availability. I always do my best to accommodate my clients.  Feel free to call or text with any questions.  If you are looking to book a day I prefer you email me at 


IL State law requires anyone who is bowfishing or net fishing age sixteen and up to have a current IL fishing license. You can buy a twenty four hour license at any sporting goods store in IL or online at for five dollars, in state/out of state.  Legally, I cannot allow anyone without a license to fish.

This year I will be running out of  Lacon Marina, 102 Marina Drive, Lacon, IL 61540. It's about 25 miles north of Peoria. Do not send mail to this address. Over the past five years I've been running out of Peoria marinas. For some reason the bowfishing has slowed down in that area, so I started taking my clients to Lacon where the bowfishing has been a lot better. Its more scenic, has less boat traffic, there is plenty of wildlife and lots of bald eagles. There are accommodations close by; camping, hotels and food. There's even a burger joint right on the marina. I will still operate out of Peoria upon special request.  


Book a trip and Help Save Our Waters One Dead Asian Carp At A Time.

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This is not my home address. Do not send mail.

102 Marina Dr, Lacon, Illinois 61540, United States (309) 573-3798