Bowfishing FAQ


When is the Best time to Book?

 Two things affect how much the asian carp will jump. The first is water temperature. The second is flooding. That said, the most predictable months are usually June through September. During these months the water levels should be at normal pool and the temperature should be up. Depending on conditions, the bowfishing season can start as early as May. If it stays warm into the late months, the season can go well into October. 

Can I bring Food/Drinks/Alcohol?

I have bottled water on board, but you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink. If you bring alcohol, I have a beer-only policy and it must be in a can. 

What are the Closest Airports?

Peoria International Airport, located about 30 min. from Lacon.  Central Illinois Regional Airport, in Bloomington, located about an hour away, and O'Hare International Airport,  in Chicago, about two hours away.

Where Can I Stay?

If you are looking for a hotel, I would recommend staying in Peoria/East Peoria. Both are large cities, approx. 25 miles from Lacon. There are many options for lodging, and there are also some interesting museums. One being the Caterpillar museum, as Peoria is the "home" of Caterpillar. There are plenty of restaurants, a Bass Pro Shops, movie theaters, a casino, and just about anything else you might want. Staying in Peoria would give you more options of things to do after your fishing trip with me. There is also a hotel in Henry, IL called Henry Harbor Inn. Henry is a quiet little town a few miles north of Lacon. 

Camping Options

Marshall State Fish and Wildlife Area. 
They have water and electric hookups. They do not have bath houses.  This site is five miles south of where I operate in Lacon.  I have had people camp there and they like it.They do not have showers here. 

Marshall State Fish & Wildlife Area

225 State Rt. 26

Lacon, IL 61540


Chillicothe Recreational Area - About five miles from Lacon. There is an available bathhouse here.

Carl Spindler Campground - located in Peoria, about 26 miles south of Lacon.

Do I need Experience?

Most of my clients have no bowfishing experience.  Once I teach you the proper technique,  you'll get it figured out quickly. Combined with so many opportunities to shoot these flying fish lol you'll pick it up in no time. I have found that someone who bow hunts does not necessarily have an advantage over some one that does not when it comes to this sport.  Sometimes bowhunters have to retrain their habits, where as those starting from scratch, often do not.  For example, deer hunters always wait for that perfect shot and sometimes it is hard for them to reprogram their brain to react to the speed of this sport.  In fact I found that video gamers do very well at this sport.  

Can You Film My Trip?

I do not film bowfishing trips, but I do have different GoPro attachments if you want to bring your own GoPro.

Can I Use a Shotgun and Can I Water Ski